How to Work from Home Efficiently with Windows 10

You might have noticed, some people around you in the office, always fantasize about having an option of work from home. Well, why wouldn’t they? It has many benefits if we do it with self-discipline.

No traveling back and forth to the office and home, no traveling means no headache of traffic and pollution, you have the flexibility of taking the breaks according to your needs. Furthermore, you have the option to work according to your comfort- sitting on your comfy chair, lying on your bed and more such advantages.

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However, most people still prefer working from office as it provides more productivity and inspiration to do work.

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Well, all those things don’t matter now. Whether you like it or not, because of the current scenario- the global pandemic COVID-19, many IT companies are forced to ask their employees to work from home.

So if you are one of those employees and finding it challenging to maintain your efficiency sitting at home, we have got your back. Here are some tips to enhance your work from home productivity while using Windows 10 systems.

Virtual Desktops

If you are working on your personal laptop or desktop, it contains both your private and business files. In order to not get distracted by your personal data while working, you can separate them by using Windows 10 features of Virtual desktops. 

It would also make your work easy because you can easily distinguish between your personal and business files.

Virtual Desktops

Just press Windows Button+Ctrl+D, a new desktop would be created. To toggle between the desktops press Windows Button+Tab.  

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Using Focus Assist

It can be tough to avoid distractions while working at home. There is an option in Windows 10, known as Focus Assist that can limit the number of notifications that can be displayed on your screen.

Focus Assist for Windows 10

Just search for Focus Assist Settings on the Windows search bar and choose the option of your choice. This option would surely help you in some way, maintaining your focus.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft’s To-Do is one of the best applications that can be used to manage multiple projects and to-do lists. It also provides other options such as collaborating on other projects by sharing your to-do list and tasks with your colleagues.

The application is not pre-installed on Windows 10; however, you can get it for free from Microsoft Store.

Using Cloud Storage to Share Files

While working from home, there may be many instances when you require to collaborate with your team members. During the collaboration, you may need to exchange some files with each other. Transferring data via email is the standard method used by most of the people; however, it is not that effective while transferring large files. For such transfers, you can use cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive or DropBox. 

Cloud Services

Other cloud services such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be used while working collaboratively. Using these multiple people can edit the files at the same time.

Video Conferencing Applications

For keeping in touch with your teammates, it also better to use video conferencing. Though there are many excellent applications for that, no one can beat Microsoft’s Skype. 

Skype is one of the most optimized applications for video conferencing. It is almost like face to face meetings. You can add multiple members in it. There are other features as well, like sharing the screen, sharing files, and more. Text chatting and audio call options are also available. 

Using Antivirus Software

While working from home, you would be spending most of your time on the internet. This would increase the risk of your system being targeted by external threats. So, now it is more than essential to get anti-malware that provides your system with complete security from all types of security threats.

Although, Windows 10 has Windows Defender as a pre-installed security program, but you can choose on the best antivirus which would enhance your system’s security. 

Organizing your Files

While working on your personal laptop, it is difficult to manage the office files and personal files. For this, you have to keep your files organized to avoid any confusion. Most of your files might be scattered randomly on your hard disk partitions. Try to arrange them according to their types. For example, make a folder that would contain all the music files. Repeat the same process for other file types. 

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After organizing the files, you would notice that many duplicate files are unnecessarily occupying the hard disk space. Eventually, you would have a lot more space for the new files.

An organized system would definitely increase your working efficiency.

Backup Your Files

It is always necessary to keep a backup of your files. However, since you are working from home, you are dealing with your essential business files on your laptop. So, now backing-up has become more crucial. 

There are several ways to do so. Get an external hard disk and keep all your important files in it and secure this hard disk with a password. Another option is uploading the files on cloud storage. 

Some cloud storage services also provide scheduling to upload the files so that you don’t need to upload them manually. 

Final Words

So these are some of the tips that can be applied to a Windows 10 system to improve your work from home efficiency. Although these tips might come handy even after things would get normal. Tell us in the comments any other innovative technique or tool that you are using to manage your work from home.

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  1. Thanks to Windows Chimp, we have lots of good advice about using and troubleshooting Windows 10. However, this presentation of Microsoft-only products does not have the nuance and decency to mention equal and better products from other sources. And the tips for “efficiency?” Where are those?

    • Thanks, dear reader for the feedback
      This guide was all about Windows 10 systems. As you know Windows 10 is Microsoft’s product. So for the best working, Microsoft’s applications are most compatible with Windows 10. You can directly get those applications from the Microsoft store.
      We always try to provide secure and quick ways to our readers for downloading apps, what is more secure and quick than Microsoft store for Windows user?
      As you are our regular reader, you might know we frequently post about alternatives to different apps. So, please keep following us for the alternatives to these applications.

      Thanks again!


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