WinZip System Utilities Suite Review

WinZip is not a name one usually associates with PC cleaning software, but WinZip System Utilities is an easy to use program that manages to deliver above-average performance.

Nowhere near the big league, though, due to several missing features.

But despite lacking many of the more advanced tools found in competing products, this suite of applications fared particularly well when it comes to diagnostic consistency to go with its very approachable UI.


For a software that retails at this price, WinZip System Utilities Suite is certainly lacking in advanced tools. In fact, even basic utilities that are part and parcel of other system software are missing here, like shortcut repair, security and privacy optimizations.

Same goes for file encryption, file shredding or SSD optimization.

That said, it includes tools for system backup and restore, file recovery and registry repair. And combined with cleaning and other system maintenance options on offer, they do make for a fairly basic but fairly functional package.


WinZip System Utilities Suite delivers right about the standard level of performance improvements one can expect from a program of this sort. The boot-up speed of our test system was upped by 8%, which usually translates to a shaving off of about 5 seconds if your computer takes a minute to boot.

Where this program really shines is in its consistency.

It managed a 99% diagnostic consistency score, which is about as good as it gets. This meant it found and fixed issues on the first scan, and these problems did not pop back up after the clean job was performed, showing it does not indulge in needlessly padding up diagnostic results.


Usage is excellent. While you don’t get as many options as you might on other programs, what you do get is a clean and simple interface that makes using the optimization tools very easy. The UI is well thought out and all the options are clearly listed.

The Home pane lists the important information along with links to tools that help with maintenance.


While some may consider the missing tools to be superfluous, the fact that other applications come with these features and options means this is a bit of a downside to the overall excellent WinZip System Utilities Suite. Ultimately, this means that it delivers an above average, but not impressive showing.

Pros: Fast and snappy performance, clean UI, diagnostic accuracy, lightweight
Missing a lot of features, marginal speed improvements in some areas
Bottom Line:
Lacking several key options, this suite does a good job with what it has to offer

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