How to Get Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Still can’t let go of Windows 7? Well, on 14th January 2020, Windows decided to officially discontinue security updates for Windows 7. Though not a surprise, it came as a disappointment to many Windows 7 lovers and enthusiasts alike. This is because despite being a decade old, Windows 7 remains one of the most stable popular operating systems to have graced the world. It’s used mainly by organisations, and most of them stick to it as it requires less storage space, has legal requirements while others lack the needed funds for upgrading.

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As of now, users who want to continue receiving security updates for Windows 7 have to pay some fee to Microsoft. This move is seen to target organizations that use Windows 7 as the core Operating system. This article seeks to shed light on how you can get Windows 7 extended security updates.

Checking Eligibility for your Windows 7 system

Microsoft is only offering the Extended Security Updates to retail and pro users. Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Retail users will, therefore, enjoy extended security updates at a cost. Windows 7 Home users, on the other hand, will not enjoy extended security updates.

Organizations can access Extended Security Updates

If you’re a standard Windows 7 user, then I’ll advise you to upgrade to a newer and supported version such as Windows 8 or Windows 10. Also, if you have a device or software that must run on windows 7, then it’s best not to use the internet on that device. Or you can run that software in a modern version of Windows.

For businesses that use Windows 7 on a larger scale, Windows will continue offering security updates. However, they don’t come for free, and you’ll only access them when you pay. These updates are also not permanent but rather a stopgap that allows a smooth transition to modern Windows versions. Microsoft wants governments, businesses, and organizations to move to the latest Windows OS. Therefore, these extended security updates get more expensive as each year passes, forcing the companies to upgrade.

Who can access the updates?

Windows 7 extended security updates are not only available to large companies but are also accessible by smaller and medium companies. According to Microsoft officials, businesses and organizations will have to buy these updates from “qualified Cloud Solution Provider Partners.

Cost of Windows 7 Security Updates

According to The Verge, Extended updates for Windows 7 Enterprise, used in most big businesses, is approximately $25 per machine, and the cost doubles to $50 per device in 2021 and again to $100 in 2022. It’s even worse for Windows 7 Pro users, used in smaller firms, which starts at $50 per machine and jumps to $100 in 2021 and $200 in 2022.

However, there is a Tool for Bypassing Security Checks and Accessing Updates for Free.

To use this hack, you have to install three essential updates to your system: KB4490628KB4474419, and KB4523206

Next, follow the instructions below.

  1. Restart your system 
  2. Navigate to My Digital Life Forums

Create a free account then download a free BypassESU tool. This tool enables you to download an Extended Security Update KB4528069. The tool also allows users to bypass Microsoft’s check for Extended Security Updates. Once you have used, you can uninstall it as you’ll be authenticated even for future security checks.

Windows 7 is finally coming to its end, but you don’t have to worry about missing critical security updates. If you still love the OS, then there is no need to upgrade to a modern version as you can tweak it to receive extended security updates. Follow our guide above to get your updates. In case of any queries or new methods of bypassing Microsoft’s Checks, feel free to share them with us.

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  1. Have a laptop running win 7 home premium. Haven’t used it in several years. Wanted to upgrade it to win 10 but have forgotten my admin. password. Downloaded several different passwork unlocker tools on my desktop, but when I try to install them on my laptop, it asks for an admin. password. Laptop doesn’t have an optical drive so using a usb drive is my only option. My question is, can you recommend a good password finder/unlocker tool that might help me.


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