Windows 20 is the OS We Want!

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 10, it has never got the mass appeal that Windows 7 and Windows XP got. To be honest, Microsoft never let that happen because of the continuous updates which mostly irritate people. And now, another update is ready to roll out in late May. 

Though the regular updates ensure the Windows system’s total security and stability, none of the upgrades brought any significant changes in the visuals of Windows 10.  

With Windows 7 gone, users have no other option other than sticking with Windows 10. So, now is the time Microsoft should look beyond it and focus on a next-generation operating system, the concept of which is visualized by a popular UI designer Kameer Kaan Avdan

What is Windows 20?

Kameer has released a video in which he demonstrated how the successor of Windows 10 could look like. He names it as Windows 20 because of the year 2020.

In his concept, he has suggested amazing tweaks that Microsoft could implement to make the visual experience awesome.

There is a customizable taskbar that looks elegant. Icons on the taskbar highlight beautifully when the mouse pointer hovers over it.

The taskbar also provides an option to arrange icons on the center and sideways and also bring the Windows icon in the middle.

The Start Menu is also changed and looks more informative than the Start Menu of Windows 10. Hovering the mouse on any option would provide more details of it.

The best improvisation that I like is in the File Explorer. You have got an option to add a new tab in Explorer. So instead of opening the different File Explorer window, opening multiple tabs would do the work.

Further, we have got the improvised Settings window, which brings everything in one place.

Action Center looks cool and comes with added options to tinker with. The notification panel is not irritating, like the Windows 10 one.

The new Search Panel and the Context Menu look classy and elegant.

Other changes include Dynamic Wallpaper, redesigned tablet mode, and more changes.

Bottom Line

This concept art of Windows’ next version Windows 20 is looking flawless and soothing to eyes. In short, it is too perfect to be true. But that is what concept arts are meant for. It took Kameer 35 days to create this masterpiece, and the result was remarkable.

However, Kameer has clearly mentioned in the disclaimer that, Microsoft has no planning to release Windows 20, and this is just a visualization of how Windows 10 could be more modernized. We wish the designers at Microsoft could get some ideas from it. Who knows, we could get some of those visualizations as a reality in the future updates.

Comment down what do you think of this art and what more changes you would like to see.

14 thoughts on “Windows 20 is the OS We Want!”

  1. I was working in IT at a bank when Windows 7 was rolled out, and still working there when Windows 10 finally came around. The single biggest reason why people balked at upgrading to it was security. So many stories, many false, had come out about how Microsoft was gathering huge amounts of information from the computers, with very few stories about how most of the features that acquired that information could be turned off. There is not a lot of difference between Windows 7 and 10 from the user viewpoint, so most of my clients had very little problem adjusting to it. Windows 8 and 8.1 were different stories, as they were horrible from the user standpoint.

  2. This is brilliant.

    While they’re at it, they can bring back the large Show Desktop hot area at the far right of the Taskbar. (There is one in Windows 10, but it’s so thin it’s invisible and hard to find even if you know it’s there.

    They can also bring back the Win7 Network Map. It was cool and also even useful.

    AND they can bring back a Classic-like theme. The “flat” look is ugly AF and it’s hard to use. It was ugly in Windows 2.x (I was there), and 30 years hasn’t changed that.

    • Nothing hard in finding it. Just move the mousepointer to the down border of the screen (first display in case of multiple displays) and then move it to the right. It will snap in the corner and the desktop will be shown. Click if you want to go to the desktop and hide all open windows.

  3. There is something that bugs me with Windows Explorer since many versions ago, it is the too nearby positions of the delete and rename selection in the same section of the selection menu, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how often my pointer was misplaced and had to restore files.

    • Denis – do you realize you can customize the Windows Explorer ribbon menu now in Windows 10 and put in additional spaces between buttons so that incorrect choices between options does not happen anymore? And can I recommend a better mouse from Logitech with a more accurate pointer?

  4. I just use Win10 at home for documents, spreadsheets, emails, streaming, photos and videos. Always careful when adding/trying new apps but never had any real problems with Win10. Best MS operating sys to date. Still looking for a really good file explorer replacement.

  5. Any prospect of an opensource release of Windows 20 theme, with the corresponding icon theme, for Linux users to try?

  6. All versions of windows should have user choice of
    user interfaces from XP, Win 7 or Win 10 included for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Windows surprises us with the ability to get ever worse. The more fancy stuff are added, the less functional it gets. I would like to have an option to simply have tho old functional visuals of XP, with simply the security updates and no need to be exposed to “new visuals” that do not show useful functionalities while hiding or making the needed fungtions harder to show. I also wish Win people did not force terrible stuff like using their terrible browser and pdf viewer and disabling the few addins that do us a favour like bringing back the – much more useful and practic – windows 7 menu that is so better than having big squares taking useful screen space.
    That is why I stick to MacOs whenever possible.


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