Windows 12 Lite: Why You Must Stay Away From it

The world of computing never fails to surprise. But every now and then you come across something so unexpected, so out of the blue that it puts a smile on your face.

Windows 12 Lite is one such example.

Yes, you read that right. Not only does this new operating system borrow its looks and name from the Microsoft creation, it also promises users the world in terms of features, ease of use, security and privacy. According to the company behind this OS, it is everything Windows 10 is not.

Is it worth a look? Let’s see.

What is this Windows 12 Lite you speak of?

If you are confused by the Windows 12 name, and wonder whether this may be a new operating platform that Microsoft may be working on, then wonder no more. For it’s not. It is simply a distribution of Linux developed by an over eager developer that has slapped the Windows 12 name on it.

Windows 12 Lite was recently discovered at a local computer fair, where it was being sold by a small company that is pitching this as an alternate to the Windows platform.

And not just pitching it, they re making some tall claims on their official website, which itself looks like something straight out of the nineties. The site is anything but modern, giving flashbacks of those GeoCities pages of yesteryears — complete with flashy colors, funky navigation and large fonts.

Scan through the site, and you will see a bunch of big promises.

Promising the world

The folks behind Windows 12 Lite have positioned this as a familiar alternative to Windows, one that is faster to boot, more secure, and able to run alongside Windows 7 or Windows 10 on the same computer. These are all features that are true of most Linux variants, as you may be aware.

But where things get really interesting is how the company is hyping it all up.

They are calling Windows 12 Lite Far superior in every respect to Windows 10:

“All the problems of the poor operating system are solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8 a really great operating system. This desktop is far superior in every respect to Windows 10. This is not Microsoft it is now Windows 12 Lite. It can also be a replacement for Windows 10 you can dual boot with Windows 10 and you will have a far better operating system this is one of the world’s fastest and best.”


Not only do they say that their product is more 3 times faster than Windows 10, it is also immune from viruses and ransomware. There is no license or activate key needed, and Microsoft does not snoop on you by collecting data. Furthermore, the developers promise seamless updates that will not start deploying when you are trying to work. They also make it a point to talk about how you can add more than 80,000 titles via the software manager, while claiming their platform is also ideal for gamers.

Too good to be true

So, what gives? Has someone really created the perfect alternative to Windows? After all, they have Windows in their name. And seem to have a working product that promises to deliver what Microsoft has failed to in some aspects.

Should you be rushing out and giving Windows 12 Lite a try?

On closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is simply a customized version of Linux Lite, with a look that shares similarities with Windows. You have flat icons to go with a UI that borrows heavily from Windows 10 to give that familiar feeling.

The rest of the claims above are all baloney, ridiculous nonsense.

This is a low effort creation, where the developers have not even put the official Windows 10 wallpaper in the original installation. They have the image up on their website, with instructions for users on how to download and set it as their wallpaper.

This is, at the end of the day a Linux distro. Albeit one that the creators are calling Windows 12. The only difference is that they are handing out disks, and have a poorly made website to go with it that does not even provide the complete picture. What’s even funnier is that they are asking for £15 for you to be able to buy Windows 12 Lite on a DVD.

Which, you really should not, were it not clear by now.

An alternative to Windows 10

There are probably twelve different reasons why you should look away and not bother with downloading or buying Windows 12 Lite. For starters, the name itself violates Microsoft’s trademarks, and the company may already be taking steps to take it down due to copyright infringement.

Then there is the fact that Linux Lite is not a particular secure distro to begin with, unlike some of the other popular ones that are more thoroughly audited for security and privacy concerns. You don’t even get the source code of this on the website.

Moral of the story? You don’t want anything to do with Windows 12 Lite, at least not on a daily basis.

If you really want to try out an alternative OS to Windows, one that looks just like Windows 10, then you might want to give Kali Linux a try. It’s a free and open source distribution that recently introduced a new mode called Kali Undercover that changes the look and feel of the operating system to more closely resemble Windows 10.


While it’s true that Windows 10 is not without its set of issue, and the OS has been giving users a bit of a tough time lately with botched updates and other small problems. Yet at the same time, there is no reason to use a dodgy Linux distribution that only resembles Windows 10 on the surface and in name.

A hoax it may not be, but a headache it certainly will be.

4 thoughts on “Windows 12 Lite: Why You Must Stay Away From it”

  1. Many thanks Shawn for this information. I have found myself, that having used Windows 10 now for sometime, I have got to like it better than Windows 7. I am using version 1909 now and enjoy all the improvements Microsoft keep making to this system, and have never had any trouble from day one with either my desktop or my Surface Pro 4 tablet computer, with updating either of the machines which always appears quick and seamless.
    So once again Shawn many thanks to your team.

  2. Running windows 10 in an enterprise is a nightmare. With the constant breakage due largely to Microsoft updates, more time is spent on fixing issues, than should be the case.

  3. i cant tell you how much i truly hate windows 10 and its whole host of issues. all my pc’s at home run windows 7. f*!k windows 10 for a joke. maybe someday when i can afford to buy a Cray or Alienware type system, i will try Windows 10 again, cos thats what you need, a flippin SUPERCOMPUTER of sorts…naa, screw windows 10


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