Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

Inside the freshly baked OS, there are hidden tips and tricks which will amaze you or help you get things done faster. If you have already installed the Preview version, here’s a treat for you to test.

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Windows 11 Snap Flyout

One of the most impressive Windows 11 features is the Snap Flyout. Snap Flyout, which was previously known as Snap Layout, lets you arrange the multiple app windows on the desktop screen so that you can work on them simultaneously. In Windows 11, Microsoft has made it pretty easier to position the app windows. Unlike Windows 10, in which you require to drag the Windows on the corner to place them there, now users will get the snapping option on the minimize button of the app Windows.

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Windows 11 Flyout

The Snap Flyout will make life easier for Windows users who need to use multiple applications together for their work. You can use more options from the Windows Settings to configure the Snap Flyout at your convenience.

snap flyout settings

Shake to Minimize

At times you tend to open a number of application windows together for the multitasking purpose. If you require to minimize the app windows other than your current one, you don’t have to do that manually with each window. The Windows 11 Shake to Minimize feature will let you do that quickly. You just have to hold the application window that you want to keep open by left-clicking and then shake this window on all other windows to minimize them. To restore the minimized window, shake the current window again.

This handy feature can be enabled using these steps:

  1. Open Windows 11 windows 11 settings
  2. Under the System Settings, click on Multitasking.
  3. Now switch on the button next to Title bar windows shake to enable it.title bar window shake Windows 11

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops feature, introduced in Windows 10, is one of the most acknowledged Windows OS features. It allows you to launch virtual instances of the desktop for multitasking. However, there was no direct way to access it. Users either have to use the key combinations or open the Windows Timeline to access or launch a Virtual Desktop. With Windows 11, you can easily open a new Virtual Desktop right from the taskbar.

windows 11 virtual desktops

Allign Taskbar to the Left

The biggest change in the new taskbar is the position of the Start Button and pinned app icons. Unlike the traditional Windows OS, the Start menu button is placed at the center like macOS in Windows 11 taskbar. Microsoft already applied this modification in the now-discontinued Windows 10X OS.

Though the centered taskbar might be a good and modern experience for Windows users, many might still like how it was traditionally placed, i.e., to the left. You can easily do that using Windows 11 settings.

Here are the steps to disable the centered taskbar in Windows 11:

  1. Click on the Start icon and select Settings.
    open windows 11 settings

  2. Navigate to the Personalization section.
    windows 11 personalization

  3. Under the Personalization Settings, choose the Taskbar from the left pane.
    Windows 11 Taskbar settings

  4. You will reach the Taskbar settings.
    Windows 11 Taskbar options

  5. Expand the drop-down menu next to Taskbar alignment and select Left.
    align Windows 11 taskbar to left

  6. The Start button, along with other pinned app icons, would shift to the left.Windows 11 taskbar aligned left

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Focus Assist

Focus Assist is another handy feature that lets you disable the app notifications and stay focussed while performing any essential task. On Windows 11, you can configure the Focus Assist to automatically turn ON or OFF from the Settings.

  1. Open Windows 11 Settings.
  2. Under System settings, select Focus 11 Focus Assist
  3. You can set it to automatically enable for a particular period.focus assist during these hours
  4. Configure other settings as per your convenience.focus assist settings

Add Common Folders to the Start Menu

There might be several folders that you frequently open, such as Downloads, Documents, and others. On Windows 11, you can add such often used folders on the Start Menu, just next to Power Button. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. From the left pane, switch to the Personalization settings and select Start.start settings
  3. Under Start settings, click on Folders.folders settings
  4. Now, toggle the button next to the Folders you like to be on the Start Menu to switch them ON.choose folders to appear on start

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a modern terminal application that is mainly useful for the users who invest most of their time in command-line tools like Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, and WSL. It allows you to open multiple tabs of command-line utilities. Until Windows 10, you have to install it on your system manually. However, with the introduction of Windows 11, the Windows Terminal will be available in-built on the system, and you can easily access it by using the search bar.

On Windows 11 Search box, type Windows Terminal and click on its icon to launch it.

windows terminal

After launching it, you can do many more customizations like changing the color schemes, appearance, and more.

windows terminal interface

Use WSL on Windows 11

On Windows 11, you can use the Windows Subsystem for Linux that will allow you to install the Linux Virtual Machine and run the Linux-based applications on your Windows system. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. On the Windows search box, type Windows Terminal, right-click on its icon and select Run as windows terminal as administrator
  2. On the command-line window, type the wsl  –install command and hit the enter key.install wsl
  3. The WSL would begin installingwsl installation
  4. Restart your computer to make the latest changes effective.

Use In-built Video Editor

Windows 11 also comes with in-built video editing applications to edit and make your recorded videos more presentable. It allows you to trim, split, add text, add filters, use 3D effects, and many more options to perform on the videos.

  1. On the search bar type Video Editor and click on its icon to launch video editor
  2. Choose a new video project and start video editing project

Summing Up

The all-new upcoming Windows 11 OS is expected to overcome the problems faced in Windows 10 and provide users with a better, fresh experience. Till now, it seems like Windows 11 will have most features carry forward from Windows 10. However, since it is still in the developing phase, we can expect many new features in its final official launch.

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