Windows 11 Shortcuts from A to Z

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is faster, smoother, and more user-friendly than any of its predecessors. With Windows 11, you can accomplish tasks quickly and easily with just a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

In this blog post, we will go frequently used Windows 11 shortcuts from A to Z!

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Windows Key Shortcuts in Alphabetical Order

Key CombinationAction
Windows + AOpen the Action Center, Quick Settings
Windows + BFocus on the notification area icons on the taskbar
Windows + CLaunch the Teams app
Windows + DShow the desktop
Windows + EOpen File Explorer
Windows + FLaunch Feedback Hub
Windows + GOpen the Game bar to take screenshots and record gaming videos etc.
Windows + HOpen the Microsoft Speech Services (voice typing)
Windows + IOpen Settings
Windows + JFocus on the Start tip or clock notification
Windows + KConnect to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + LLock your PC or switch accounts
Windows + MMinimize all open windows
Windows + NCreate a new virtual desktop
Windows + OOpen calendar and notification center
Windows + PChoose a presentation display mode
Windows + QOpen Search
Windows + ROpen the Run dialog box
Windows + SOpen Search and type in your query
Windows + TFocus on the taskbar items and cycle through them
Windows + ULaunch the Accessibility settings
Windows + VOpen the clipboard history
Windows + WLaunch Widgets Menu
Windows + XOpen the power menu (start button right-click)
Windows + YSwitch input between Windows Mixed Reality and desktop
Windows + ZPop-up Snap Layout
Windows + , (comma)Peek at the desktop
Windows + – (minus sign)Decrease screen brightness
Windows + +(plus sign)Increase screen brightness
Windows + =(equal sign)Launch Magnifier
Windows + . (period)Open the emoji window
Windows + any number keyMaximize/Launch that number app pinned to the taskbar

Ctrl Key Shortcuts in Alphabetical Order

Key CombinationAction
Ctrl + ASelect all items in a document or window
Ctrl + BBold highlighted text, open bookmarks in the browser
Ctrl + CCopy selected text, images, files, folders
Ctrl + DAdd/Remove a bookmark, Change font in Word
Ctrl + ECenter align the text in Word, focus on the address bar in browsers
Ctrl + FOpen the Find and Replace dialogue box to find specific words in a document
Ctrl + GFind Next
Ctrl + HFind and replace in word, Open the history tab in browsers
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted text
Ctrl + JJustify text (aligns text evenly on both the left and right margins), open downloads in browsers
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl + LOpen the location bar in browsers, Align the text left
Ctrl + MIndent selected text
Ctrl + NOpen a new window in browsers, create a new document in Word
Ctrl + OOpen a file or document
Ctrl + PPrint the current page or document
Ctrl + RRefresh the webpage, align the text right
Ctrl + SSave the current document
Ctrl + TOpen a new tab in browsers, create a table in Word
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted text, open the source code of a webpage
Ctrl + VPaste the copied text, images, files, folders
Ctrl + WClose the current window or tab, Word Wrap in Word
Ctrl + XCut selected text, file, folder
Ctrl + YRedo an action that was undone, Repeat a find operation in Word
Ctrl + ZUndo an action

Alt Key Shortcuts in Alphabetical Order

Key Combination Action
Alt + FOpen the File menu in browsers, Word
Alt + HOpen the Help menu in browsers, Word
Alt + EOpen the Edit menu in browsers, Word
Alt + VOpen the View menu in browsers, Word
Alt + IOpen the Insert menu in browsers, Word

Summing Up

There are a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Windows 11 to make your life easier. We hope that this list has been helpful to you and that you will start using some of these shortcuts on a regular basis. However, these are not the only shortcuts in Windows 11. Here is the list of other major Windows 11 shortcuts:

  Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

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