Windows 11 Leak: What’s new in the OS?

Microsoft has scheduled a live stream event on June 24, 2021, which is likely to be for revealing the all-new operating system – Windows 11. The company’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, posted a teaser for the event on his Twitter handle.

Although Microsoft has previously stated that Windows 10 would be their last OS ever, and they would continue to update Windows 10 rather than release a new OS, it seems that the company has changed their mind after Windows 10 didn’t get the popularity they expected.

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Though Microsoft has never officially mentioned that the live stream event is for releasing Windows 11, the leaked version of the new OS on the Chinese site Baidu and a few other hints confirms the speculations.

Luckily, we had our hand on the leaked Windows 11 build number 21996.1 operating system before it was removed. In this post, we would list out all the significant changes introduced in Windows 11.

What does Windows 11 look like?

The Windows 11 version, which we have got, shows various new developments, especially in the User Interface. The Windows 11 comes with both dark and light modes. Since it is an early build, many features might not have been added. Many might speculate that this might be a fake version, but it seems totally genuine by looks.

Here is what About Windows tells about it.

Windows 11 Version detail

Let us now look at a few significant changes.

Windows 11 Taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar

After the Windows 11 startup, the first major transformation you will notice is the changes in the Taskbar. Traditionally, the Start Menu button of the Windows OS is placed at the extreme left of the Taskbar and then pinned icons on its right. However, on Windows 11, the Start Menu button is by default set at the center of the Taskbar. If you don’t like this new development, you can change it from the settings and put it in the traditional way.

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Windows 11 Start Menu

Windows 11 Start Menu

The all-new Windows 11 comes with an all-new Start Menu. However, if you had a glimpse of the dead Windows 10X OS, you might find Windows 11 Start Menu pretty similar to that. Unlike Windows 10, there are no live tiles, and all apps appear as icons. You will get a glimpse of your pinned apps and recommended apps. Clicking on All apps would list out all the installed applications on the system. The design of the Start Menu is quite minimalistic and elegant with round edges. You will find rounded edges in almost everything on Windows 11.

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Windows 11 Search Box

Unlike Windows 10, the Search Box of Windows 11 is not within Start Menu. To access the Search Box in Windows 11, you will have to click on magnifying glass icon next to the Start Menu icon. It is also with a round edge layout.

Windows 11 Action Center

Windows 11 Action Center

The Action Center is pretty similar to Windows 10. The time and schedule, volume, networks, and quick launch are all the same. But again, the rounded edge makes it look refreshing.

Windows 11 File Explorer

Windows 11 File Manager

File Explorer is all the same as Windows 10 but with a better look and colorful icons. The colorful icons give an impressive look to the file explorer and also help in quickly distinguish between different system folders such as Downloads, Documents, Pictures, and more.

Windows 11 Snap Assist

Windows 11 Snap Assist

Snap Assist was one of the impressive features added in Windows 10. It allows users to split multiple application windows on the desktop screen for multitasking. For that, users had to use keys combinations on the keyboard. With Windows 11, the Snap Assist has become easier to use. When you hover the mouse pointer on the maximize/minimize icon of the application window, you will get the list of options for snapping your windows to either side of the screen or into quarters.  

Windows 11 Widgets

Windows 11 Widget

Microsoft re-introduced the Widgets in Windows 11 after discontinuing it in Windows 8 and Windows 10. The widget is pretty much like the Windows Vista widget. It shows you the weather information, stock rates, and sports. If you scroll, you will the latest news and articles based on your interests.

Windows 11 New Animation and Sound

As you might have understood, this new Windows OS is primarily focused on user interface changes and not features. Adding to that, Windows 11 comes with cool animations and new sounds. For example, if you minimize a window, you can see a new animation. Also, the windows 11 startup tune is different. All other sounds are also brand new.

Will the new OS be named Windows 11 or something else?

As per the leaked version, the new Windows OS is set to be named Windows 11. There are plenty more clues that suggest the same. As mentioned in the introduction, the teaser of Microsoft’s event was posted by the company’s CPO on Twitter. In the posted video, the shadows display the number 11. Also, the event is scheduled to begin at 11 AM on 24the June. Microsoft never plans any event this early in the day. In addition to that, after the event was announced, Microsoft posted a video of startup sounds of previous Windows OSs. The video was exactly 11 minutes long. All these hints to the name of the new Windows operating system.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 is expected to be announced on June 24, 2021. However, its release date for the general public would be different. If we look at Windows 10, it was announced in September 2014 but was released in July 2015. That’s almost ten months after the announcement. However, Microsoft wouldn’t take that much time in releasing Windows 11 as, unlike Windows 10, which was a complete overhaul, Windows 11 is just a refurbished version of Windows 10. So in our sense, Windows 11 might officially available to general users by the end of this year.

Should I install Windows 11?

The main question is should you install Windows 11 if you get a chance? Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO for this leaked version, as it might be full of bugs. Furthermore, installing it on your primary machine can be fatal, and you can make your system unstable. However, you can try it on a secondary system or a Virtual Machine.

Other than that, the official version of Windows 11 might also be available soon. It is up to you whether you want to install it or not. Windows 10 users would likely get an option to upgrade to Windows 11 for free like Windows 7 users got the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

If you want to stay on Windows 10, you can safely do that. Microsoft has announced that they will keep supporting Windows 10 till October 14, 2025. So, if you are satisfied with the working of Windows 10, you are not obliged to switch to Windows 11 until 2025.

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Will there be a Windows 11?

Taking a clue from the leak version and many hints by Microsoft, it is almost confirmed that Windows 11 is set to be released on June 24, 2021.

Is it safe to install Windows 11?

The leaked version of Windows 11 might contain several bugs that might harm your computer and ruin your work, especially if you install it on your only system. It is therefore advised not to install it on your device and wait for the official release.

Will Windows 11 be a free update?

It is likely that Windows 10 users would get the free upgrade to Windows 11.

9 thoughts on “Windows 11 Leak: What’s new in the OS?”

  1. I think Microsoft is using a combination of other OS’s. The task bar in the center is an Apple feature. The Start menu is an Android feature. With that said, the features are cool and this would be an OS to look forward to in the future

  2. To me, its just Windows 10 minimal tweaks that they couldn’t fit in an update, knowing the update history,of problems with big updates.

    I already hate that start menu!
    They need to allow us to STILL make groups of icons such as system group of icons, graphics & media group of icons

    Ill stick with windows 10 unless they say, if a free upgrade, that the upgrade freebie will expire xx/xxxx.

    To me, its just fluff as a consumer.
    I’m pretty sure they have a lot of work done in coding, but I don’t see that its worth it from the video.

    Just my opinion

    • Hi Butch. Totally agree with you . . . about the new start menu . . . about not jumping in to upgrade, unless it becomes time-sensitive for getting it free.

  3. I will miss the LIVE TILES in Windows 10. Sure I hated it at first, but, once I worked out that I could populate it with what I wanted i.e. quick links to my most used programs, I loved it. Lots of people still don’t realise that they can do this. In fact I have run the combo of tiles and the fly-up start menu i.e. reminiscent of Windows XP. This new set-up in Windows 11 will be a bit of a pain. Rounded corners? Who cares about that simply cosmetic aspect. Ease of finding stuff is of key importance!
    Are these icons going to be in alphabetic order? or what order?
    Isn’t the “Widgets” merely a collection of some of the stuff that was on that Windows 10 tile menu?
    Well thank goodness my wireless multimedia keyboard (Microsoft’s Wireless Keyboard 3050) has quick launch buttons that I have set up for 5 key programs. That should get me through any teething stages with getting used to a new operating system . . . I hope. Having said that I will not me an immediate adopter . . .. I will await the feedback of those brave souls who jump straight in!

  4. All the rumblings I hear say it is going to require at least a 7th generation CPU and a TPM module 2.0. I work on computers for about 10 elderly people. They happily do email and some social media and light gaming on their perfectly capable Windows 10 computers. Every one of them is going to be thrown to the wolves… I built my computer a year ago with a $270 ASUS motherboard. IF I can even find a TPM module – they are pretty scarce and prices are high – do I have a slot for it? Even if I like Windows 11, do I have to pop another $1700 into a new build to have it? WTF, Microsoft!


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