How to make Windows 10 work with Android and iPhone

We are always switching from mobile phone to desktop or laptops. A seamless integration between both platforms would be a bliss.

Microsoft is already working on “Your Phone” app which will sync text messages, photos and notifications from Android / iPhone to Windows 10 PC. However, here is how you can make it work without that feature  which is expected in Redstone 5.

Get Android Notifications on Windows 10

It is possible to receive notifications from Android phone using the Cortana Digital Assistant app. Cortana can sync several apps’ notifications and system features like incoming text message (SMS), phone calls, low battery notification.

To enable notifications, you just have to enable notifications from Cross Device setting on Android as well as Windows 10.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]It must be noted that the android app is available only for US, UK, Canada and Australia for now. If you are from other parts of the world, you may not find it in Play Store. In that case, you might have to sideload APK. Also, there is another app called Cortana for Android on play store available all over the world but it is in beta and very buggy.[/thrive_text_block]

On Windows 10: Access Settings app and click on Cortana to access “Cortana across my devices” on left sidebar.

Cortana across device notifications

On Andoid, open Cortana Digital assistance app and open Settings by clicking on horizontal lines on top-left of the app.

android cortana cross device notifications setting

You can choose to enable notifications from all the apps on phone however, it is recommended to select important apps which are high priority. This will prevent getting disturbed frequently while working on computer.

Respond to SMS Text and Whatsapp from Coratana

Follow the instructions given above to enable notifications and Windows 10 notification center will give you option to send reply.

phone notifications on windows 10 pc

Whenever I tried to reply SMS or Email, it returned error. I was able to receive Gmail, Whatsapp and Text SMS notifications however replying worked seamlessly only on Whatsapp. Whenever I tried to reply SMS or Email, it returned error. In another news, app is continuously updated so they might fix these device specific glitches and intermittent issues soon.

reply phone messages from computer

Send Links from Phone to Windows 10 PC

Continue on PC feature works well for Android as well as phone. Once Cortana assistant is installed on Android, you get “Continue on PC” option while sharing. On tapping, you get to choose the computer name and link will be fired up on Edge browser of your computer.

continue to pc from android

On iPhone, you will need to install “Continue to PC” app to get this functionality. I wish adding music to iPhone was this easy.

Get Reminders from Computer to Phone

Reminders set in your Notebook from Cortana on PC would be synced to your phone too. This is helpful in case of tasks outside work area because you will be reminded even when not on computer.

set reminders from cortana

Microsoft has level upped the reminder game with two awesome additions: Person and Location based reminder.

It is not necessary to set time for reminders. You can be reminded of buy bananas while returning from the gym. It doesn’t matter when you hit the gym, Cortana will remind you whenever you are nearby location.

Secondly, you can be reminded to ask about Weekend plans whenever you talk to your friend Sam. I haven’t tested the person based reminder myself but it is something cool to try out.

So, it’s not necessary to sit in front of computer. As all the reminders get synced with phone, you will get reminded even if you are away.

View Phone activities on Computer

Windows 10 Timeline introduced in April 2018 update shows recent activities performed on computer. It makes easy to resume to the task you were doing with one click.

These activities can even sync between PC and phone. Web pages browsed on Edge app on phone can also appear on PC’s timeline. Microsoft says documents you view in the Office mobile apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will also appear soon in your PC’s Timeline.

This feature could prove to be interesting if more developers start implementing Microsoft Graph API.

Communicate between Apps on Phone and Computer

Microsoft introduced Shared experiences feature in Creators Update. It is designed to move between devices seamlessly. For example, you are working on a text document on Phone, you can switch to computer and start working where you left off.

Feature can go well beyond syncing. It can even be used  easily set up a remote control or other companion app on a smartphone.

send messages from pc to phone

As of now, implementations are very limited. I could only find it in a Text editor app where you can find connected devices in Send menu.

Looking Forward

Microsoft is already working on making the Phone and PC integration more seamless in coming updates. However, most of the features are inclined towards Android so iPhone users might be disappointed in the course.

I am really looking forward to copy-pasting feature between devices. What are you expecting?

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