Windows 10 will be run as a service


As usual, Mary Jo Foley just shared some amazing Windows 10 news about exactly how patches and fixes support will work after the Windows 10 launch.

Windows 10 will be run and supported as a service.

It’s quite a lot to absorb but it’s really important so I thought I would discuss on here.

As we all have heard Ad Nauseam, Windows 10 is being developed, designed and architected as a service. There are several pivotal things to wrap your head around when we consider this transition.

Windows 10 as a service means a fundamental rethinking of the relationship between you and your “copy” of Windows. I use quotes for copy because most people who have good download speeds will probably upgrade via download. That’s a story for another day.

Software as an app versus software as a service

netflix-tvWhen you buy a software application, the relationship between you and your software vendor is simple – you are buying X and that needs to work as advertised.

When you subscribe to a Service (like Netflix), the relationship is way more nuanced.

Netflix could turn around and change their logo (which they did) and menu items next time I log in. As long as the changes do not MATERIALLY affect the service, that’s what you get when you sign up for a service.

When you bought Windows 7 on the other hand, it would never be acceptable to have your entire Start Menu vanish after a Windows update. You would be furious and want to take that software back for a refund.

Microsoft is moving from an app model to a Service Model

Windows 10 as a service

Part of the significance of Windows 10 is the fact that Microsoft will be (for the first time) transforming Windows into more of a service than an application.

Granted there will be software on your laptop/desktop (for now) but the brains at Redmond will be planning, testing and deploying fixes AND (wait for it…) ENHANCEMENTS going forward.

Depending on what version of Windows you are paying for (remember not buying – a service), you will have different levels of control over what’s pushed out to you.

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