Windows 10 Tutorials

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jacob w says November 5, 2014

how do i use the 4 window split screen. ever sense the newest update, i haven’t been able to split my screen if 4s. just 2s.

MaxNiko says October 27, 2016

Is there a Spanish version?

marisol garcia says July 28, 2017

I like the new layout. Easy to understand and follow. Packed with useful information…

Frederick Moore says August 24, 2017

Do you have a tutorial for Resetting Windows 10 without destroying all your files?

Eva in Mo says September 14, 2017

How can I turn off notification all of them I have went in and shut off all that I can find .I think I have fixed it but than it starts again making noise’s every 10-15 minutes no matter what I am doing on the desk top windows 10 computer .It is driving me nutty . please help

    George says September 14, 2017

    Go to settings-> System -> Notifications and Actions. Then close turn off the notifications.

ROBERT H MANN says November 11, 2017

question? do you have a complete list of tutorials by number? example 1 thru 150?

JERRY SNYDER says April 17, 2018

how do I delete e-mails from Windows?

    George says April 17, 2018

    Are you referring to the default Windows 10 Email client? You can delete an email there by right-clicking on the email of your choice and selecting “delete”.

Lelon Allen says July 27, 2018

wish I could d/l this file

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