Windows 10 Tutorials 6 – The Windows Store

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

Today we will be focusing on the Windows Store in Windows 10.

The new Windows Store can be accessed directly from the taskbar (see below).


You can also access the Windows Store from the new Start Menu.

Windows 10 Windows Store from the Start Menu
Windows 10 Windows Store from the Start Menu

Once you click on the Windows Store icon, the store opens up in a boxed Window.

Windows Store in Windows 10

The Windows Store previously looked, felt and was a Metro app.

This is different (still in beta as of this writing) and looks and feels more like a Windows app.

Clicking on app categories opens up a menu on the left and allows you to refine your selection.

You can sort by:

  • Top free apps
  • Top paid apps
  • Best rated apps
  • Top grossing

and a new category called “New and rising”.


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  1. I was looking for someone that could tell me a little about the Windows Store. When I first saw it in Windows 8.1, I was not sure what it was all about. Thanks!


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