Windows 10 Tutorials 46 – Create a USB Recovery Drive

Welcome to our series of tutorials on the upcoming Windows 10.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a USB recovery drive in Windows 10.

A recovery drive will help you boot into advanced start-up options just in case your Windows stops booting up.

Using the advanced start-up options you can troubleshoot your problem. Windows 10 includes an in-built tool to create a USB recovery drive.

Note: Your USB drive will be formatted and all your data will be erased. Either use a blank USB drive or backup your data before using the drive for this purpose.

To create a USB recovery drive:

  1. Open Search box type Recovery and from Settings lists, select Create a Recovery Drive or
  2. Open Control Panel and select Recovery option. Now click Create Recovery Drive.
  3. Click Yes if prompted to allow the program to make changes to this computer
  4. Click Next to proceed
  5. If you haven’t inserted the USB drive you will be prompted to do so
  6. Select the drive you want to use and click Next to proceed
  7. When process is finished you have your recovery disk ready


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