Windows 10 Tutorials 44 – How to Setup Picture Password

Welcome to our series of tutorials on the Microsoft Windows 10 that help you understand the features of the upcoming Windows 10.

In this tutorial you will learn to setup picture password for your account in Windows 10.

If you are one of those who cannot remember tricky passwords, Windows 10 has a feature just for you so that you do not compromise on security of your PC.

just have to choose an image and the gestures to set it up. The best part is that you are not limited to gestures on touch screen, you can even use a mouse to draw these gestures.


Steps to follow to create a picture password:

  1. First step is to connect your Microsoft account to your PC
  2. Open Settings, and click on the Accounts icon and then click Sign-in options
  3. Under Picture Password option click on Add button.
  4. Enter your Microsoft account password when prompted
  5. From left use Choose image to browse and pick an image to use for password
  6. Once you have selected the image, draw three different gestures on the image and repeat them at exact same spot on the image to save your gesture pattern


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1 thought on “Windows 10 Tutorials 44 – How to Setup Picture Password”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea as I’m always forgetting my password! Now I just have to remember my image and gestures which shouldn’t be too hard. I think I’m going to like this new feature a lot! Thanks for the heads up on this!


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