Windows 10 Tutorials 39 – How to Open Control Panel

Welcome to our series of tutorials on the Microsoft Windows 10 that help you understand the features of the upcoming Windows 10.

This particular tutorial will help you access the powerful Control Panel and change it’s view.

In Windows 10 there are multiple ways (PC settings, Control Panel, the Settings Charm and Search) in which you can change System Settings and Controls.

Control Panel is a centralized area where all these aspects of Windows can be controlled.

Here is how you can open the Control Panel:

  • Open the Win+X Power Menu, click on Control Panel. (see screenshot below)power-x cp
  • Type “con” in the Cortana and from the search result select Control Panel. (see screenshot below)control-panel-cortana
  • By default Control Panel will open up in Category view. You can change this to Large icons, or Small icons view by clicking on the drop down option next to View by. (see screenshots below)control-panel-category-viewcontrol-panel-largeicon-viewcontrol-panel-smallicon-view

And that is it. Control Panel is now open. You can now do variety of tasks like setting a new wallpaper as desktop background, renaming your computer or add/ remove programs.

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  1. The easiest way seems to be by using Cortana. I like that they have kept the look and feel of Control Panel and didn’t do major changes to it to make things difficult.


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