Windows 10 Tutorials 34 – Changing The Display Resolution

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

Here’s a look at how to change the display resolution in the new OS and what consequences it has.

The most obvious consequence of changing the display resolution of your device (or screen, when using Windows 10 with an external display like a monitor or projector) is size.

Which is to say, the higher the resolution, the small everything looks on screen.

Everything, in this case being text, icons and other such elements.

Resolution indirectly affects icon sizes because Windows 10 describes each icon and each character of text as a predefined number of pixels at certain resolutions. For example, a particular icon may have dimensions of 32 pixels, but these are displayed differently on different monitors.

It may amount to 1/20th of a screen on a tablet, and 1/40th of a screen on a large screen monitor.

This display sharpness comes at a price, as you may have trouble seeing icons and text at tiny sizes on high-resolution screens.

Changing the display resolution is simple.

Tutorials Display Resolution
Click on the Adjust display settings link in Settings.

Right-click the desktop in Windows 10 and select the Display settings option to open up the Settings application.

Here you’ll find Display as the first option, go to Advanced display settings. A new panel will open up with some Resolution choices — these resolutions depend on your display adapter and your monitor, meaning not all will be displayed at any given time.

Tutorials Display Resolution
The list of resolution choices.

Now select your desired resolution from the list that is available, click Apply and click Keep changes when a message appears.

Tutorials Display Resolution
Select your desired pixel resolution.

Do bear in mind that if you decreased the resolution, the display may appear slightly fuzzy. And likewise, if you chose a resolution that has a different aspect ratio to that of your display, the onscreen elements like buttons and text onscreen may appear stretched or squashed.

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3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Tutorials 34 – Changing The Display Resolution”

  1. I play a lot of games and while most of them work best for the highest resolution, there are those older games that will ask for a lower resolution – yeah, this sucks, but otherwise I can’t play the game. So, for me, the least clicks needed to change resolution, the better!

  2. The resolution options that are presented to me are still bad, my screen in both available options is squashed, is there any other ways to fix this???


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