Windows 10 Tutorials 27 – Power Settings

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

Let’s take a look at some of the power management options Microsoft has built into the OS.

While the act of balancing performance and power usage is important for all computers, this is especially true for mobile devices — be they laptops or tablets.

Tutorials Power Settings
Choose your preferred power setting from this screen

Out of the box, the default settings for power management in Windows 10 are effective for most users. But there may be times when you might want to fine tune them. For example, on a lengthy flight where you need your battery to last as long as possible.

In cases like this, tolerating slow performance of your machine may be totally viable.

Then again, turning things around, there may be times when you want to finalize a graphic that you are designing within the hour and want every bit of performance you can eke out of your computer.

We’ll go over the three power plans included in Windows 10 in the next tutorial.

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  1. Using things like this to get more performance out of your computer is easy to do. It might seem like a small change, but it is just enough that you will notice the overall difference.


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