Windows 10 Tutorials 26 – Power & Sleep

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

A look at the Power & Sleep screen in Settings.

Microsoft has refreshed this panel in Windows 10, by adding and subtracting a few options.

But overall this is still a very basic panel.

You have the option of selecting when to turn off the screen when plugged in, and these range from 1 minute to 5 hours. There’s also an option for Never, for those of you that want to keep your display on at all times.

Similar options are available for putting your device to sleep.

What’s missing are distinct choices for differentiating between when on battery power and when plugged in — Windows 8.1 offered this choice for both Screen and Sleep.

Tutorials Settings Power And Sleep
The very basic Power & Sleep panel in Settings

As of right now, only these basic options are available from the Power & sleep panel in Settings, but there is a handy shortcut to Additional power settings that takes you to a traditional Control Panel screen called Power Options.

Here you can choose a power plan, and also customize it to your taste, modifying everything from when your computer goes to sleep to what happen you press the power button on your computer.

We’ll go over these settings and the various power plans included in subsequent tutorials.

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4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Tutorials 26 – Power & Sleep”

  1. The power setting area of the software looks to be very user-friendly for sure. Thanks for sharing the tutorials.

  2. no matter what my settings my computer goes to sleep after a couple minutes. can’t even get a glass of water without coming back to a black screen.

  3. I have windows 10 and my computer refuses to auto-sleep. It’ll sleep for hours if I select Sleep from the Start menu, but will never put itself to sleep due to inactivity. I’ve set the screen to go off after 10 minutes (that works fine) and I’ve set it to Sleep after 10 mins but that doesn’t. All my drivers are up to date so I’m out of ideas


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