Windows 10 Tutorials 25 – Microsoft Account

Windows 10 Tutorials 25 – Microsoft Account

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and benefits of a Microsoft account.

First introduced with Windows 8, this type of an account is best described as a global roaming user account. And that is because your profile is stored online, in the cloud.

The primary advantage of storing your profile information in the Internet is that it is accessible from other devices — computers, tablets and all manner of hardware powered by Windows 10.

And what this means is that all your settings and preferences, customizations and configurations are available on any PC from which you can log into this account. All you need is a working connection to the web for this.

This provides a seamless experience for users as they move from one device to another, and provides similar usage environments independent of hardware.

So any changes you make, say on the Start Menu in your desktop PC are reflected on your Windows 10 powered tablet the next time you log into it.

That is, if you indeed want to synchronize your profile settings between computers.

Tutorials Microsoft Account

Sign in to your Microsoft account if you already have one, or create a new one

The Accounts screen above allows you to switch to a Microsoft account by signing in. If you don’t have an account you can easily create a new one, there are only a few steps involved.

Tutorials Microsoft Account Create

Enter the details and hit the Next button to continue

Once a Microsoft account is created, you can log in and keep using that.

Microsoft Seems To Be Moving Away From The Classic Control Panel

Or if you want to return to a local account for some reason, then that is possible too. Simply switch back to the local option from this screen above and all your data and settings will only be saved on that particular PC from now on.

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