Windows 10 Tutorials 17 – Time & Language

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

A look at how to change time, date, region and language settings in the new operating system.

This one is sensibly simple. You can modify the abovementioned settings on your PC or device from the Time & Language panel, and the various options are listed in an organized fashion.

Tutorials Settings Time And Language
Adjust time and language settings in Windows 10

For the most part, this screen in Windows 10 is almost a carbon copy of the one available in previous versions of the operating system, including Windows 8.1.

The only difference is in the typography — & symbol in the title — Windows 8.1 had these as Date and time and Region and language.

Anyway, the first option lists the current time as well as the date in the format that you have specified below. The format can easily be changed from this screen too.

You also have the option of changing your Time zone and adjust for daylight saving time.

Most of the time you’d want to have the slider to Set time automatically.

Windows 10 syncs with the internet clock that Microsoft has set up online.

The second screen is also important, as selecting a country or region here has an impact on what type of content you are provided.

Languages, again, explains itself.

This option is handy when you want Windows 10 to recognize and work with another language, and with a special keyboard that you can use to input text in that language.

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