Windows 10 Tutorials 16 – System

Welcome to our Windows 10 tutorial series.

We will be spending time walking you through the ins and outs of Windows 10.

Below is an overview of how to manage the system settings of your computer or device.

The PC Settings section was really all over the place in Windows 8.1, with different options scattered in different places, making it rather cumbersome to find what you were looking for.

Microsoft have done a splendid job in creating a dedicated System panel here.

Tutorials Settings System
System settings in Windows 10

This is where you’ll find all the action and power options to manage everything from notifications and apps to Maps and Cortana.

Goes without saying, this is the most important section of Settings.

Several new options have also been dropped here, like Storage Sense, which actually transitions over from Windows Phone. And although the preview builds of the operating system are not exactly feature complete, this screen is power packed in terms of option.

You can customize hardware feature and software options, even configure settings for individual apps and features of the operating system from here.

As of right now, Microsoft has bundled in an array of different system settings here.

These are Display, Notification & actions, Cortana & search, Speech, Storage Sense, Power options, Windowing, Maps, Defaults, Optional features, About, App sizes, Share and Tablet Mode.

Microsoft is sure to streamline this panel (and fix the capitalization of the text, too) as we move towards the final retail version of Windows 10.

But we’ll look at each screen in future tutorials here soon.

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