Windows 10 Tutorials 154 – How to Synchronize Windows 10’s Time With the Internet Time Server

Welcome to our series of Microsoft Windows 10 tutorials that help you understand the features of this new operating system by Microsoft.

This tutorial will show you how to synchronize the time with Internet time server in Windows 10.

You use date and time not just to keep track of the time, most applications in computer also make use of the system’s date and time in order to function properly. If you have selected correct time zone and the time on system is still not correct, you can synchronize it with an Internet time server to have accurate time.

By default Windows 10 will synchronize the time once a week when it’s connected to Internet.

[su_note]Note: You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to synchronize time.[/su_note]

How to Synchronize Time With Internet Time Server:

  1. Open Control Panel (small icons view), and click on the Date and Time option.
  2. Click on the Internet tab from top.
  3. Click on the Change settings button.
    how to synchronize time with Internet time server
  4. Click Yes if prompted by UAC.
  5. Check the box next to Synchronize with an Internet time server.
  6. Select the server from the drop down list and click Update now button.
  7. Click Ok to finish.
    how to synchronize time with Internet time server
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i9 says May 4, 2016

There was absolutely no reason for MIcrosoft to remove this functionality from the tray clock.

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