Windows 10 Tutorials 121 – How to Setup a Metered Connection for your Wireless Network

Welcome to our series of Microsoft Windows 10 tutorials that help you understand the features of this new operating system by Microsoft.

This tutorial will show you how to setup a metered connection for your wireless network in Microsoft Windows 10.

All Internet Service Providers charge you based on the amount of data you have used in a particular period.

All these connections fall under the Fair Usage Policy where you get a fixed amount of data usage free of cost and once you exceed your quota of data usage you are charged extra or your connection speed will be reduced till next bill cycle arrives.

A metered connection will help you in reducing your bandwidth consumption to keep it under the FUP limit.

Note: If a wireless network is set as a metered connection, then Windows updates won’t be automatically downloaded and any app which require automatic sync will not be updated automatically.

How to Setup Metered Connection for Wireless Network:

  1. Open the Settings app, and click on the Network & Internet option.
  2. From the options on the left hand side, click on Wi-Fi.
  3. On the right side panel, click on the Advanced Options link.
    Setup Metered Connection for Wireless Network
  4. Under Use Metered connection, turn the toggle On/Off (blue toggle means On).
    Setup Metered Connection for Wireless Network
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carstorm says July 27, 2015

Guess I’m lucky then to have use 300+ GB every month with no ill effects and have used 700+ GB at least 2 months that I know of (maybe even more different unknown times)

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