5 thoughts on “Windows 10 Tutorials 117 – How to Delete a User Account”

  1. Mistakenly i have disabled all of my user accounts and now i am not able to login into my pc.
    When i enter the password, it says your account has been disabled.
    I tried to reset my pc in recovery mode but it says the administrator password is incorrect.
    Please help me!!!!

  2. Microsoft has turned off the ability to remove local users from the home addition, you have to upgrade to Pro version… BS on their evil money grubbing

    • If you’re planning to return the Laptop then you can just perform a factory reset.

      If you insist on deleting the account, you will have to make another admin account first which will be empty and then delete your older account from it.

      Not sure if that works on Windows 10 Home though. It should work on my Windows 10 Professional but I heard that Home users can’t delete local accounts.


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