Windows 10 Tutorials 105 – Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Welcome to our series of Microsoft Windows 10 tutorials that help you understand the features of this new operating system by Microsoft.

This tutorial will show you list of most commonly used keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Microsoft Edge.

You can use following keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge to help you to browse the Internet much more efficiently.

Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcut Description
ALT + D Go directly to the address bar
ALT + F4 Close the currently active window
ALT + J Feedback & reporting
ALT + Spacebar Open the system menu
ALT + Spacebar + C Close the Microsoft Edge browser
ALT + Spacebar + M Move the browser window using arrow keys
ALT + Spacebar + N Minimize the window
ALT + Spacebar + R Restore the window
ALT + Spacebar + S Resize the Edge browser window using arrow keys
ALT + Spacebar + X Maximize browser window size
ALT + Left arrow Go to previously opened page
ALT + Right arrow Go to next page that was opened in tab
ALT + X Open Settings
Backspace Go to previous page that was opened in tab
CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + D Add site to favorites
CTRL + E Open a search query in the address bar
CTRL + F Find on page
CTRL + G View saved reading list
CTRL + H View browsing history
CTRL + I View your saved favorites
CTRL + J View Downloads history
CTRL + K Duplicate tab
CTRL + L Go to address bar
CTRL + N Open new Edge browser window
CTRL + P Print the current webpage
CTRL + R Refresh the current webpage
CTRL + T Open a new tab
CTRL + W Close the current tab
CTRL + click on link Opens URL in a new tab
CTRL + Shift + Tab Switch back between tabs
CTRL + Shift + B Toggle on/off Favorites bar
CTRL + Shift + K Open new tab after the current tab
CTRL + Shift + L Search the web using the copied text
CTRL + Shift + P Open new InPrivate browsing window
CTRL + Shift + R Toggle on/off Reading view (clutter free)
CTRL + Shift + T Reopen the last tab you closed
CTRL + Tab Switch forward between tabs
CTRL + F4 Close the active tab
CTRL + + Zoom in (+ 10%)
CTRL + – Zoom out (- 10%)
CTRL + 0 Zoom to 100%
CTRL + 1 Switch to tab 1
CTRL + 2 Switch to tab 2 (if open)
CTRL + 3 Switch to tab 3 (if open)
CTRL + 4 Switch to tab 4 (if open)
CTRL + 5 Switch to tab 5 (if open)
CTRL + 6 Switch to tab 6 (if open)
CTRL + 7 Switch to tab 7 (if open)
CTRL + 8 Switch to tab 8 (if open)
CTRL + 9 Switch to the last tab
Left arrow Scroll left
Right arrow Scroll right
Up arrow Scroll up
Down arrow Scroll down
End Directly move to the bottom of a webpage
Home Direcly move to the top of a webpage
F5 Refresh current page
F7 Caret browsing on/off
F12 Open Developer Tools
Shift + Tab Move backward through the items on a webpage/address bar/favorites bar
Tab Move forward through the items on a webpage/address bar/favorites bar
Windows + G Games bar
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