Windows 10 Tutorial: Use A Metered Internet Connection

Windows 10 requires an internet connection for many tasks, but the good thing is that Microsoft has built in an option to limit this access for users that are on limited download plans.

The OS requires a fair amount of bandwidth for downloading operating system updates, refreshing the content in apps like News and Weather, as well as syncing OneDrive files, and so on.

But you can minimize the amount of internet activity your device is recording by letting Windows 10 know that you are using a metered connection. Windows will then use the internet, but as little as possible, putting off updates and several other tasks in the process.

To do this, go to Start, then Settings, and Network & internet.

Here, select WiFi, and then click on the name of your internet connection on the right.

Now, turn on the Set as metered connection toggle at the bottom, to limit the amount of data Windows 10 consumes from here on out.

Very helpful for those with limited internet services.

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