Windows 10 Tutorial: Switch To Dark Mode

Up until recently, the dark theme for Windows 1 was hidden away. And switching to the dark mode required users to carry out a complex registry hack. But not anymore.

The dark theme is now available to anyone via the Settings app since the Anniversary Update.

To activate it, go to Start, then Settings, and then select Personalization.

Now, select Colors.

Scroll down, and you will see the Choose your app mode option, from where you can select Dark.

Doing so does not turn every window in Windows 10 dark, but just the Windows Store apps and the modern panels have a dark, black look to them. Not only is that a bit classy, it certainly makes it easier to read some of the text.

But if you decide you do not like it, you can easily switch back.

Just head back to Start, Settings, Personalization, Colors, and click Light under the same setting.

You will find Windows 10 returns to the default, white color scheme for modern apps and panels.

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