Windows 10 Tutorial: Set A Custom Restart Time

Windows 10 has this annoying habit of restarting or scheduling restarts at the wrong time. A restart is fine for most users, but could be a problem for power users, or those who heavily use their PC or device through a day.

Luckily, Microsoft has added an option to set a custom restart time.

You can do so by opening up Settings, navigating to Windows Update, and in the Update settings section of the panel, clicking on the Restart options link.

A new screen will show up, like so.

Here you can use a custom restart time that can be used to temporarily override active hours, and schedule a custom time to finish installing any updates your PC is tasked to deploy.

It only becomes active when you have an update to install and a restart scheduled.

Choose a time and day, and your machine will restart at that exact moment.

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