Windows 10 Tutorial: Remove Ads From The Start Menu

One of the more controversial aspects of Windows 10 is the ads that Microsoft shows in the Start menu. It calls them Suggested, but these are links to apps and games from the Windows Store.

By default, these are enabled in the operating system.

But luckily, the company also makes it easy enough to turn them off.

To remove them, open the Windows Store app, click the account icon, and then go to Settings.

Here, click the Show products on tile to Off.

Furthermore, you can also go to Start, then Settings, and Personalization, then Start once again, and click the switch under the Occasionally show suggestions in Start to also disable these suggest ads in the operating system.

These are usually harmless, and occasionally helpful suggestions, but obviously not for everyone.

So, if you are the type that likes your Stat menu sparkling clean, you can turn these off so that these ads are not displayed on your system.

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