Windows 10 Tutorial: Pin And View Data Usage

Windows 10 is remarkable in how it integrates many of the features and options that required the use of third-party applications in previous versions of the operating system.

Case in point, the ability to see the consumed data for a particular device.

It’s almost a necessity in this day and age of mobile — and Windows 10 has got you covered. You can easily keep an eye on the amount of data you are using. This comes in real handy if your internet service has a data limit.

Windows 10 keeps a record of the amount of data consumed in the last 30 days, and you can view that by going to Start > Settings > Network & internet > Data usage.

Here you will find Windows tracking which applications use the internet, and the amount of data they transfer. Click Usage details to see a list of apps sorted by their data.

And better yet, right-click Data usage in Settings and select Pin to Start.

This will add a tile to the Start menu that not only goes straight to this section, but is also a live tile, meaning it displays the data used in the last 30 days, plus your IP address in one convenient and easily accessible location.

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