Windows 10 Tutorial: Pin Searches To The Start Menu

Pinning is one of the neatest new abilities in Windows 10, with Microsoft now allowing users the ability to pin practically everything in the Start Menu of its latest operating system.

Along with a host of other things and elements, you can also pin searches.

As in to say, the saved File Explorer searches.

This is great if you have collected a ton of files, and want to quickly go through them, parse them by file types, or want to specifically look for something. Very handy for those that deal with a lot of PDF files and other such documents, this.

You will need some saved searches before you get this going, though.

If you have not saved any searches, then simply search for anything in File Explorer, and then click the Save Search icon in the ribbon. You may have to click the little carrot on the right side of the window to reveal the ribbon if it is not visible.

With that done, open File Explorer and navigate to your Users folder.

Click the appropriate user folder and select Searches.

Right-click the appropriate saved search, and then select Pin to Start.

This will then place a tile on the Start Menu in an easily accessible location, and you can manage it however you want. Add in more searches and group the tiles as needed, and whatnot, all from one convenient location.

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