Windows 10 Tutorial: Open Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge may have taken the spotlight from IE as the default web browser in Windows 10, but it is still possible to use Internet Explorer in the operating system.

Even if the process is not straightforward.

And that is because only Edge is pinned to the taskbar in the OS, while IE is practically hidden away.

That said, you can still easily pin the Internet Explorer icon to your taskbar, and open the web browser anytime you want from there. Before you do that, make sure you have Internet Explorer turned on in Windows features first.

Type Turn Windows features on or off in the search box in Windows 10, and see that there is a check mark next to Internet Explorer in the window that pops up.

With that done, open All apps in your Start menu.

Scroll down and expand to open Windows Accessories, right-click or press and hold on Internet Explorer in the list, and then click or tap on the Pin to taskbar option to pin the icon to the taskbar.

Alternatively, you can also do this via File Explorer.

Open the program, and then browse to the C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer folder.

Here, right-click or press and hold the iexplorer.exe file, and then click or tap the Pin to taskbar option.

The web browser icon will then be pinned to the taskbar in Windows 10, and you can click or tap to open it easily from here.

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