Windows 10 Tutorial: Open Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools is a special folder in Control Panel that contains a number of useful tools for system administrators, though they do certainly come in handy for advanced users too.

The tools in the folder vary depending on the version of Windows you are using, and Windows 10 offers a whole bunch of such handy computer management utilities.

These range from Local Security Policy to Print Management, System Information to Task Scheduler and Windows Memory Diagnostic.

There are multiple ways to open the Administrative Tools folder, including from the Start Menu, Control Panel, and even Settings.

To locate Administrative Tools in your Start Menu, simply open it and then scroll down and expand open the Windows Administrative Tools section. Here you can click or tap on the administrative tool that you want to open.

Another easy to remember way to open Administrative Tools is in the Settings app. Open that, and then click or tap on About on the left side, and you will find the Additional administrative tools link under the Related settings section of the panel.

Administrative Tools is also the first option in the Control Panel, when it is set in icons view, that is.

Just click or tap on the Administrative Tools icon to open it.

And finally, you can also start Administrative Tools by typing the following command in the address bar of File Explorer, and pressing Enter.

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

Once you are in, Administrative Tools will list the various available tools in a folder that looks something like above.

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