Windows 10 Tutorial: Find A Lost Device

Other competing platforms have long had features that can help owners find their lost devices. For example, Apple has Find My iPhone, and Android has Device Manager.

However, Windows 7 and 8.1 users have to rely on the kindness of strangers if they leave their PCs or devices in the back of a taxi, for example. Because there is no way of tracking devices powered by these operating systems remotely.

Windows 10 rectifies this omission, by finally adding a Find My Device option.

Sometimes it may be switched off by default, so to check that and activate it go to Start, then Settings, and in the Update & security section locate the Find My Device feature.

Click Change, then move the switch to On.

If you cannot find the Find My Device option, then you may need to enable WiFi — it will not work with WiFi turned off.

So, now, if you unfortunately ever lose your device, you can check its last known location by logging to

Best not lose it at all, if possible, as they say, though.

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