Windows 10 Tutorial: Disable Updates From More Than One Place

Microsoft has set up a fancy new way of delivering updates to users with Windows 10, using peer-to-peer technology similar to BitTorrent in order to take the strain off its own servers.

Can’t blame them considering the sheer volume of updates Windows 10 requires and installs.

It does this by making Windows 10 users upload Windows and apps updates to other PCs over the internet. There is no evidence to suggest that this setting is unsafe, but you can turn this of if you want, as it could mean you wasting gigabytes of personal bandwidth.

All just to save Microsoft money!

You can keep this option on if you have strong internet pipes, but if you are on limited data plan, then it’s best to turn it off.

Click Start, Settings, Update & security, and then Windows Update.

Here, in the Advanced options panel, click the Choose how updates are delivered option.

Either switch the setting off altogether here in the following screen, or choose the PCs on my location network option. Selecting this will actually save bandwidth if you have multiple Windows 10 PCs, as the updates will be downloaded and shared with your PCs.

Selecting the second option will share and upload the latest updates all across the internet from your computer.

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