Windows 10 Tutorial: Customize The Command Prompt

You can now change the way the Windows 10 Command Prompt looks and works. Several handy customizations are provided, all neatly tucked away in a special panel.

A special panel that you can bring forth straight from the Command Prompt itself.

Open it up by clicking Start, typing cmd, and pressing Enter.

Now, right-click the title bar of the Command Prompt window, and select Properties.

You can now make all sorts of changes, from look and feel to how the Command Prompt itself works. It is possible to change the color of the background and text, and there is even an opacity slider at the bottom that lets you make the entire windows semi-transparent.

As for usability improvements, start by selecting the Enable Ctrl key shortcuts option in the box that opens. This will let you copy and paste text using the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts.

Very handy if you are copying command lines from a document or a webpage.

You can also click the Font tab to change the size of the text and make it larger, if you are having trouble reading it. A whole range of other options are available here in this panel, and be sure to explore if you regularly use the Command Prompt in Windows 10.

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