Windows 10 Tutorial: Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Apps

Back in the good old days, power users that had many apps installed could have their shortcut icons splattered on the desktop, or arrange them in the Start Menu.

With the advent of tiles in the operating system, opening a Windows app or game, for most people, usually means them rolling their mouse pointer over the tile or icon, or lifting their finger up to tap. But there is a faster way to launch these apps.

And that’s because just like shortcuts for those traditional programs, Windows 10 also allows users to create custom keyboard shortcuts for apps.

If you want to learn how to create shortcuts for desktop software, read up on this simple tutorial.

The process of creating something like this for apps is a little different, however.

Open a Command Prompt window by typing cmd into the Search box and right-clicking the Command Prompt icon and selecting Run as administrator.

When the console opens up, type explorer shell:AppsFolder.

This will open a window with a list of all your installed apps and games. Change the view setting to detailed list, if you want, to locate your apps easier, as all icons will then be in a single column.

Right-click on any of it, and select Create shortcut.

Click Yes when asked if you want the short to be placed on the desktop.

Right-click the new shortcut, select Properties, and enter a key combination in the Shortcut key field.

Pressing this combination will instantly launch that app now.

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  1. To create a shortcut, you simply need to click the StartMenu, drag the app from all apps listing besides the tiles to the desktop. It will create a shortcut on the desktop. then right click the shortcut and modify “Target” or “Shortcut” fields.


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