Windows 10 Tutorial: Choose When Updates Are Installed

Microsoft is all too keen on keeping Windows 10 updated for all its users, and the default setting in the operating system is to download and install updates whether you want them or not.

But while most home users are not provided a say in delaying these, there are a few settings to tweak.

You can’t turn automatic updates off, but you certainly can choose when the updates are installed so that you suddenly do not have to stop doing what you are doing on your PC or device, and having to reboot it — particularly at inopportune moments.

The Anniversary Update actually brought with it a new tool for controlling when updates are installed, which Microsoft calls Active hours.

Go to Start, open Settings, and navigate to Update & security.

In the Update settings section, click the Change active hours link.

You will see the following screen, which will allow you to set your own active hour — that is the time your PC is most used through the day. Click Save when you are done setting the start and end time.

Windows will not restart your computer during the hours you define here, and only restart outside of the limits you define here.

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