Windows 10 Tutorial: Change The Size Of Desktop Icons

Don’t just accept the default icon size in Windows 10. Change it up, and make it work for you, depending on the size of your monitor or how comfortable your eyes are.

In fact, you don’t even need any third-party tools, software programs, applications or registry tweaks.

It’s all built in.

Simply right-click on an empty space in the desktop, and carefully hover your mouse over View in the resulting menu that pops up.

A bullet point will appear next to the default icon size.

You can now select an alternative like Large icons, and see the desktop icons change in real time!

Adjust these options to your taste.

If you make any changes, you might need to sort out the icons and align them on screen.

To do so, go back to View, and choose Auto arrange icons if you want Windows to clean things up for you automatically. There is also the option that says Align icons to grid, which is generally a good option to keep checked.

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