Windows 10 Tutorial: Change File Explorer Views

By some counts, File Explorer is the most important utility built into Windows 10. Certainly the most useful, as it shows you the files and folders on your disk drive, and allows for their management.

This is a feature rich application, and offers several different view options — enabling the disk contents to be displayed in different ways.

To take a look at the possibilities, open File Explorer by clicking the icon on the taskbar and then clicking on the View menu. Here you will find options to display small icons, medium icons, large icons, extra large icons, and even lists and details.

None of this is terribly new, of course, and these options have been available in previous versions of Windows.

Also, if you cannot decide which is the best view for a folder’s content, hold down Ctrl and spin the scroll wheel on the mouse to cycle through all the different options and settling on the one that looks best to your or works best.

On some modern laptops, you can also hold down the Ctrl key and slide up or down the trackpad with two fingers to switch Explorer views.

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