Windows 10 Tutorial: Change The Date

There are a few different ways to change the date in Windows 10 on the PC, with the only requirement being that you will have to be signed in as an administrator to be able to make the change.

First one is to change the date in Settings, second is in the Control Panel, and it is also possible to change the date of the system in the Command Prompt.

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For the former, simply fire up the Settings app, and then click on the Time & language icon.

Make sure you are in the Date & time pane in the left, and then turn off the Set time automatically option. You will now be able to click or tap on the Change button to bring up another small panel that will allow you to set both the date and time on your device.

After you are done making the changes, simply click on Change to apply.

You can also turn back the Set time automatically option to have Windows automatically synchronize the system clock with time servers on the internet.

For the Control Panel route, open Control Panel, and then click or tap on the Date and Time icon.

Here you will be able to make your changes by clicking on the Change date and time… button that will open this fancy little windows for you to revise the date and time on your machine.

And finally, open Command Prompt as administrator by pressing Win + X to open up the Power Menu, and selecting the Command Prompt (Admin) option in the menu that pops up.

In this elevated command prompt, simply type the following command to change the date:


Substitute MM with month, DD with the actual day, and YYYY with the year number, as you can see from the image below:

When finished, exit the command prompt.

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  1. Change the time, and all the times in Outlook’s calendar changes

    So I am planning a trip spanning over several time zones. I schedule all my appointments in Outlook. When I arrive in a different time zone, I change my time to the correct time zone. All the appointment times are now incorrrect

    How bleak!


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