Windows 10 Tutorial: Change Date And Time Formats

For those of you who travel a lot, changing the date and time formats on Windows 10 may well be a necessity. You can change how date and time is displayed in the OS via either Settings or Control Panel.

On Settings, simply fire up the app, and then tap on the Date & time icon.

Now, with the Date & time selected on the left, click or tap on the Change date and time formats link under Formats on the right side of the panel.

Here, in this new window, you will be able to change everything from how dates are displayed, to what is designated the first day of the week, to short and long time formats.

Close the window, once you are done making your changes.

On the Control Panel side of things, open the panel and then click or tap on the Region icon.

Select the language you want to use the date and time format for, and then select the date and time formats you want from the window.

There is also the Additional settings… button that opens up more options and choices.

And finally, the tabs up top allow you customize everything from numbers and currency to time and date, providing a wealth of options that can be changed as needed.

When finished, closed the window to put your changes into effect.

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