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Windows 10 Tutorial: Automatically Lock Your Computer

  • February 21, 2017

This is something that can come in real handy for busy professionals. Windows 10 can automatically lock your computer after a set period of time, requiring you to enter your password to get back access.

If you simply want to lock your computer manually, you can of course do so by clicking your username at the top of the Start meu and selecting Lock.

Or press Winkey + L, for quick shortcut.

But if you want to configure Windows to automatically lock your PC after it has been idle for a specified amount of time, then there is a neat little tick for that — and it involves a visit to the good old screensaver section.

In the Search box, type lock the computer.

You will see a rather lengthy option Lock the computer when I leave it alone for a period of time.

Click it, and the Screen Saver Settings panel will open up.

Here, select the On resume, display the logon screen option by clicking on the checkmark. Now use the Wait text box to set the number of minutes of idle time after which Windows locks your PC, and click OK to set it all up.

Now your computer will be automatically locked after the time you specified.

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