Windows 10 Tutorial 86: The New Windows 10 Notification Area

Windows 10 brings with it a lot of new additions, and one of those features is a tool called the notification center.

There’s a button on the task bar that, when clicked, opens an entire sidebar of app notifications, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, and etc.

The Windows 10 notification area might look familiar too you. And that’s because it’s actually a improved rendition of a similar features on Windows Phone 8.1–the Action center. With that said, here’s the Windows 10 notification center:


Pictured above, you’ll notice that there at least three two to the notification center: notifications from apps (Facebook, Twitter, phone apps, and etc), and at the bottom, a handful of quick settings.

There are three ways to dismiss a notification.

You can either dismiss current notifications for an app, hover over a single box and dismiss notifications one at a time, and finally, you can simply click Clear All at the top right of the notification panel for a clean slate.

Keep in mind that by dismissing notifications on your desktop, it also dismisses the notification across all of your Windows devices, whether that be the Surface tablet, Windows Phone, or another Windows 10 desktop.


If you’ve ever used Windows Phone, an Android device, or an iOS device, quick settings are fairly self-explanatory.

For example, by hitting the “Display” quick setting, you can easily adjust your display settings over spending your time trying to find them in the control panel.

Then there are a variety of other options, such as turning on your Wi-Fi, VPN, and etc. The quick settings are essentially an easy way to access tools you might commonly use.


If you go into “All Settings” and click “Notifications & actions,” you should get the screen pictured above.

Here you can choose whether to turn your app notifications on or off, which is really helpful if you just go to websites over using dedicated Windows 10 applications.

If you want notifications from some apps, but not all of them, you can pick and choose which apps send information to the notification center, which helps remove a lot of clutter.

You can also choose which quick actions show up on the notification center. That said, you can easily go through and select your most commonly used tools over a set of predetermined options.

Finally, if you like having a clean desktop, which Windows 10 already does really well doing, you can also choose which icons show up on your taskbar (e.g. volume, network, and etc) via the “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” option.

Be sure to check back soon, as there’s still a lot of Windows 10 features to cover!

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