Windows 10 Sound not working? Here’s How to Fix

One of the most frustrating problems for PC users is sound not working on Windows 10. Especially when you want to enjoy your favorite movie or while presenting something in the office, which requires sound. This issue particularly surges up after a feature update or a cumulative update. Since many PC and laptop manufacturers use Windows 10 as their default OS, conflicts between the software and hardware are bound to happen. More than often, it is the software issues that raise the sound not working on Windows 10 problem. It is very rare to see hardware failure causes this issue.

If you are experiencing the sound not working issue on your Windows 10 system, don’t panic, you are not alone, and it is pretty straightforward to solve this problem.

Let us go through the top fixes to solve the Windows 10 sound not working problem.

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Check if it is Hardware Problem

Before taking any troubleshooting step, verify that the issue of sound not working is not because of the hardware failure. If the sound issue is on the in-built speakers of the laptop, try attaching an external speaker or headphones and check whether the sound is still not coming. If it is the case, then it is undoubtedly a software or driver issue.

In the case of a PC, you might be already using the external speaker. Check its wires are plugged correctly into the jack. If possible, check whether the sound is working or not using any other external speaker or headphones.

Check Volume Mixer

Now, check for the basics and ensure that the current system volume is set to maximum. For that, check the Volume Mixer.

  1. Look for the volume icon on the right side of the taskbar and right-click on it.How to increase volume on Windows 10 1
  2. Choose Open Volume Mixer.Open Volume Mixer
  3. Ensure that all your running apps are set to the maximum volume level.How to increase volume on Windows 10 2

Check Speaker Settings

It might be possible that the speaker you are using is not set as default. Here are the steps to check that:

  1. On the right corner of the taskbar, right-click on the volume icon and select sounds
  2. Switch to the Playback tab and make sure that the correct speaker is set as default.Set correct speaker

Try Changing the Sound Format

Sound Format can also be a cause of the Windows 10 sound problem. For that, you need to change the default sound format of your system.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound.
  2. Click on Sound settings.
  3. Under the Playback tab, double-click on your headphones option to open the settings.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab, and from the drop-down menu, select the sound format that fits your headphones. You can test it by clicking on the Test option.advanced settings

Update Audio Drivers

Windows 10 sound problem could also be casued by outdated audio driver. To fix that, you need to update your system’s audio driver. You can update the drivers both manually or using any Driver Updater software.

This is how you can do that manually:

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon and select Device Manager.Device Manager

  2. Under Audio inputs and outputs, right-click on Speaker/Headphone and choose Update driver.update sound driver

  3. If you have the latest version of Audio drivers downloaded on your system, select Browse my computer for drivers; otherwise, choose Search automatically for drivers.update sound drivers

  4. If any update is found, install it.

Though it isn’t hard to update drivers using this way, it is still better to get a Driver Updater program so that your system’s driver gets automatically updated whenever required.

Uninstall the Audio Drivers

If still, the sound is not working on Windows 10 device, it might be because the driver got corrupted or some files might be deleted. In such a case updating the drivers might not solve the issue. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers. Here are the steps for that:

  1. Navigate to Device Manager
  2. Under Audio inputs and outputs, right-click on Speaker/Headphone and select Uninstall.uninstall sound driver

After uninstalling the Audio drivers, you can reinstall them from the manufacturer’s website, system update, or using the third-party driver updater programs.

Adjust Communication Settings

If you experience no sound while communicating with someone, you must adjust the communication settings.

  1. On the windows search bar, search, and open Control Panel.Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Hardware and SoundHardware and sound
  3. Select Sound settingsselect sound settings
  4. Under the Communications tab, click on Do nothing bullet point.sound settings do nothing
  5. Click Apply and OK.

Restart Audio Services

  1. Open the Run Command Windowrun app
  2. Type Services.msc and hit services
  3. Scroll down and look for the Windows Audio.
  4. Right-click on it and select Restart.Windows Audio service restart
  5. Restart your system and check if the Windows 10 sound not working problem is resolved.

Final Words

A computer system is incomplete without a voice. The sound not working in Windows 10 can be troublesome, but fortunately, it can be resolved quickly by following the fixes provided in this guide. If the problem is with the hardware, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer’s service center and get it changed.

1. How can I improve the sound quality on my laptop?

To improve the sound quality on your laptop, you can edit some settings on Windows 10 explained in this guide or get volume and bass booster programs.

2. Does Sound Booster work?

A genuine Sound Booster would surely amplify the volume of your system. However, a faulty booster program can even damage the speakers of the device.

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