What’s new in Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2?

As a regular Windows 10 user, you might be aware of the fact that Microsoft provides two major feature updates to it in each half of the year. The first feature update of the year was Windows 10 version 2004, which was released in May 2020. The second feature update of the year, Windows 10 October 2020, also known as Windows 10 20H2, was recently rolled-out by Microsoft and is now available for download and installation.

Unlike Windows 10 2004, there are no significant upgrades, but still, you will find some notable tweaks, bugs removal, and performance enhancement.

Let’s look at what new the Windows 10 version 20H2 has to offer.

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What’s new in Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2? 

In this feature update, Microsoft was more focused on clearing the glitches of version 2004 and polishing it. That is the reason you will find only a few notable changes. The relief for the Windows users is that since the focus was more on polishing Windows 10 2004, you will unlikely to find the bugs and errors in this latest Windows 10 feature update.

Another advantage is that since there is nothing significant to present, the download and installation of the update are super quick. If you are already updated to the Windows 10 2004 version, for you, this feature update would be of just 100-200 MBs in size and would install without multiple and delayed system restarts. So it’s like a regular monthly update. However, for Windows 10 1909 and 1903 users, it would be like a full-fledged OS upgrade.

Head to Settings -> Update & Security. You will find the Download and Install option. Click on it.

windows 10 20H2 is available

Here are the few notable changes you will find in the Windows 10 October 2020 version 20H2 feature update.

Newly Designed Start Menu

After the update, the first thing you will notice is the new look of the Start Menu, which was demanded for a long time by the Windows users. With a streamlined design, Start Menu looks fresh and elegant.

The live tiles background would now change according to the theme color. It would now no longer follow the accent color. Apart from it, now the start menu app icons would be there without a square plate in the background. This change makes the new app icons that were introduced in the previous update look more popped-up.

All these changes are pointing to the fact that Microsoft is finally opting for the minimalistic but elegant design for the Windows OS. It is a good start, and hopefully, we would see more such visual changes in future updates.

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Microsoft Chromium Based Edge is now Windows 10 Built-In

Microsoft Chromium Based Edge is now Windows 10 Built-In

Microsoft’s new and advanced web browser – Edge, which is based on Chromium engine, is now available in-built on the Windows 10 20H2 version. Although the app is already available for download from January 2020, with the inclusion in the OS, Microsoft has made it official.

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New Function of the Alt+Tab Keys Combination

Previously, if you used the Alt+Tab combination on your Windows 10 system, it would allow you to navigate through all the running applications on your system. With the inclusion of Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 OS, Windows has added new functionality in the Alt+Tab keys combination. Now you will get the option to switch to different opened tabs of Microsoft Edge using the Alt+Tab. The primary function of that key combination would remain intact.

However, if you don’t like this tab switching function, you can disable it anytime and restore the old settings. Head to Settings -> System-> Multitasking.

Alt+Tab Function

System Option Removed from Control Panel

System removed from CP

On the Windows 10 version 2004 and lower, you would find a System setting in the Control Panel. This setting was used to get access to the full system information and launch remote assistance.

From Windows 10 October 2020 version, clicking on that setting would now land you to the About page in the Windows settings.

Though this doesn’t seem a significant change, if we look at the bigger picture, it can be an initiation to phase out the Control Panel from the Windows OS.

Change Refresh Rate from Settings

Previously for changing the screen’s refresh rate, you need to visit Control Panel, but starting from Windows 10 20H2, this setting is available in the Windows Settings app. This is again an indication of moving everything out of the Control Panel, slowly but surely.

For configuring this setting, navigate to: Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings.

Change Refresh Rate
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Automatic Tablet Mode Switching by Default

In the previous Windows 10 version, i.e., Windows 10 2004, when you used to detach the keyboard from the 2-in-1 devices, Windows used to pop-up a notification, asking you to switch to Tablet Mode. Now, from the latest version, Windows 10 20H2, after you detach the keyboard, the device will be automatically converted into Tablet Mode. 

However, if you want, you can change this setting by navigating to Settings -> System -> Tablet.

tablet mode
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Improvements in Taskbar Pinned Sites

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft allows you to pin your favorite websites in the taskbar and directly launch them from there. In this recent update, Microsoft has provided a pleasant enhancement in it. If you have pinned any site on the Windows taskbar using Microsoft Edge, now just hovering over it would show you all the opened tabs in the Edge browser.

For example, you have pinned WindowsChimp.com on the taskbar using the Edge browser. If you bring your mouse pointer over the pinned WindowsChimp icon, it will display all the WindowsChimp tab you have opened on the Edge. That means that if there are 20 tabs opened in the Edge browser and out of which three are of WindowsChimp, you can quickly sort them out now.

Taskbar Pinned Sites
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Changes in the Notification Banner

From the latest Windows 10 update, the notification banner would carry the App logo to make it easily identify where they came from. Apart from it, the ‘X’ mark would let you quickly close it.

app icon in notification
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Final Words

Microsoft is continuously working for making Windows 10 better, and bug-free for the users, and this update is undoubtedly an encouraging one in that process. Apart from the tweaks listed above, there are more security and performance enhancements too that you might notice while working on your system. The next feature update Windows 10 21H1 is likely to arrive in April 2021, which might introduce major features, unlike this one.

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