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Windows 10 Mobile Already Supports The Snapdragon 830

The unreleased Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset, so to say. It appears that there are some good things coming to the Windows 10 Mobile platform, some powerful new hardware.

Microsoft’s most powerful phone right now is the Lumia 950 XL, which houses a Snapdragon 810 chip.

However, that has since been eclipsed by the HP Elite x3 that features a Snapdragon 820 CPU. But as things stand, there is more to come in the form of the upcoming Snapdragon 830 processor, which is already supported by the mobile OS.

This documentation published on MSDN shows that Windows 10 Mobile not only supports the last generation processors, but also upcoming models that offer improved performance.

The list includes MSM8994, MSM8992, MSM8952, MSM8909, MSM8208, MSM8996, MSM8953, and MSM8998, which represent Snapdragon 810, 808, 617, 210, 208, 820, 625, and 830, respectively.

At the same time, Redmond has upped the minimum system requirements for Windows 10 Mobile.

All devices must now have 1GB of RAM at least, which not only serves as the confirmation that the mobile OS will not come to devices with 512MB of RAM — which was the original plan before the rollout of the mobile operating system.

Now, the Snapdragon 830 bit is interesting here, because it might hint that this chip might be the one that powers the upcoming Surface Phone.

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Sources close to the matter hint that Microsoft plans to launch three models of the phone in early 2017, and it is quite possible that one of these comes with the 830 processor.

You think?

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Just Dan says April 18, 2016

The HP Elite x3 is the best right now and The Surface Phone will need much more than a Snapdragon 830 to be better.

Nick Bates says April 18, 2016

It’s a shame that some of the best sold phones didn’t get the chance to run Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft should have thought this through better.

    TheSpecialOne says April 18, 2016

    While I agree with you, 1GB of RAM isn’t much and Windows 10 Mobile couldn’t have had lower system requirements than this. I just don’t think it could have.

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