Windows 10 Mail App Not Working: 6 Ways to Fix

If you have multiple email accounts of the same or different mail service providers, Windows 10 comes with a great program known as Mail App to manage all your email accounts. 

Instead of visiting different websites to get access to your emails, you can add all your email accounts to the Windows 10 Mail app for more efficient work.

After releasing, Microsoft continuously improved it by providing constant updates to it. However, some people are still unable to open it, or the Mail app is not working for them at all. They are not receiving any email on the app.

There could be a number of reasons for that. In this guide, we would discuss all the possible fixes for the Windows 10 Mail app not working. 

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Common issues faced by the users on the Mail App

The following are the most common issues users face in the Mail App. In the next section, we would discuss solutions to these issues.

  1. Mail app not starting Windows 10: whatever you try, Mail does not open in the Windows 10
  2. Windows 10 Mail app not syncing: in this issue, the Mail App does not sync with the email providers, and users miss their latest emails.
  3. Mail app not updating: many users have reported that the Mail App is not updating on their system.
  4. Windows 10 Mail app crashing: the Mail App is crashing regularly while the user is accessing it.
  5. Windows 10 Mail not receiving emails: another common issue with many users. Even after syncing is On, the Mail App does not receive the emails, making the app useless.
  6. Mail app is not working in Windows 10 keeps freezing: users have also complained that whenever they open the Mail App, it gets stuck at a particular window and remains inactive.
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How can I fix the Windows 10 Mail App?

In the previous section, we got to know about the most common issues faced by the Windows 10 users. Let us now discuss the methods to fix those issues.

  1. Check Calendar App’s Privacy Setting
  2. Change your Localization Settings
  3. Use Command Prompt
  4. Update the Mail App
  5. Check and Install Windows Updates
  6. Reinstall the Mail App

Check Calendar App’s Privacy Setting

Windows 10 provides you great ways to manage your privacy settings for different apps. You can restrict the apps to use your private information, including Calendar events. However, the Calendar app is bonded with the Windows Mail App, and if you limit its access, the Mail App might not work. 

So, you have to allow the apps to access the Calendar. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings->Privacy

  2. From the left pane choose Calendar

  3. Toggle button to switch On the Allow apps to access your calendar option. 
    Allow apps

  4. Next, under Choose which apps can access your calendar, turn On the Mail and Calendar option.
    Turn on Mail and Calendar

  5. Restart your system

Change your Localization Settings

  1. Open Settings and select Time & Language icon.Time & Language Settings
  2. From the left pane choose Region.Region
  3. From the drop-down menu, set your country or region.Choose your region
  4. Now type control panel in the Windows Search bar and open the Control Panel.Open Control Panel
  5. Change your Control Panel view from Category to Large or Small icons.Change control panel view
  6. Now search for the Region and click on region
  7. In the Region window under Administrative, click on Change system locale.
  8. Select your country from the drop-down menu and click OK.System locale

The Mail App not working issue should have been solved. If not, follow the next fixes.

Use Command Prompt

Performing the command prompt SFC and DISM scans can fix the hindrances that are causing Mail App to stop working.

  1. Open the Command Prompt with admin rights.Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. In the command window type or copy & paste this code: sfc /scannow to begin the SFC scan. SFC scan
  3. The SFC scanning would begin, and it would take some time to get complete.

Once the scanning is complete, check if the issue is resolved or not, if not, then perform the DISM scan.

  1. Again, open the Command Prompt with admin rights.
  2. In the command line window type or copy & paste this command: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and hit Enter to begin DISM scan.DISM scan
  3. The DISM scan would also take 15-20 mins to complete, so be patient. 

Update the Mail App

Many users may have already tried it, if not then update the Windows Mail App to its latest version and check whether the issue is solved. Updating the app to the newest version may fix the previous version’s glitches that might be causing it to stop.

Check and Install Windows Updates

Microsoft provides frequent updates to Windows 10 for its smooth and stable running. Although usually, windows update itself manually, you can also check for the latest updates manually. Maybe outdated Windows is causing the Mail App issue.

  1. Open Settings and select Update & Security.Update and Security
  2. Click on Check for Updates.Check-for-updates
  3. Windows would now check for updates, and if any update is found, it would download and install it.

Reinstall the Mail App

If none of the above fixes are working, then the last option is to uninstall and then freshly install the Mail App.

To uninstall the Mail App, use PowerShell.

  1. Run PowerShell as Administrator.PowerShell Run as Admin
  2. Copy and paste the following command: get-appxpackage *microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps* | remove-appxpackage. Press the Enter key to run it.Use powershell

This would uninstall the Mail App from your device. To install it again, go to Microsoft Store.

  1. Search for Microsoft Store in the windows search bar and select to open it. open microsoft store
  2. Search for mail app and click on Mail and Calendar to install it.Install mail and calendar app


So, these were all the possible solutions to fix your Windows 10 Mail App not working problem. However, if you still could not access the Mail App properly even after applying all the above fixes, then, unfortunately, you might have to reset your Windows 10 system.

Windows 10 Mail App Not Working FAQs

1. Can I access my Gmail emails on Windows Mail App?

YES, Windows Mail App supports all the major email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook. You can add all or any of your email accounts from different providers in the Mail App.

2. How can I access Windows 10 Mail App?

Windows 10 Mail App is by default available on the latest Windows 10 system. If it is not present on your system, then you can download and install it from Microsoft Store easily. After that you can access it from Start Menu->All Apps

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