How to Make Windows 10 look like Windows 7

Windows has been making great changes over the years. These changes have helped in computer performance as well as an updated GUI. However, change can impact a few people negatively.

A person used to a certain GUI can have difficulty accessing some features which have been moved in the update. Some people are just conservative and want to retain the Windows 7 theme GUI.

This is how Windows 10 Desktop interface looks like​:

Windows 10 before Windows 7 Theme Transformation

This does not mean that you have to keep yourself from enjoying the other great features windows 10 has offer. Windows 10 updates like the Creators update offer more to gamers and designers than any other version of Windows.

So how can you enjoy the great features of windows 10 while retaining the Windows 7 theme?

Method 1: Using a Windows 7 Theme

This is somewhat a simple method of changing the appearance of Windows 10 to look like Windows 7. A windows 7 theme contains files that change only the appearance of the Operating System. You should not expect anything more than visual changes.

Here is a step to step guide on how you can install the W7 themes:

Step 1: Download UxStyle

UxStyle is a software that allows you to install the Windows Themes without altering system files. Messing with the system files may lead to instability and that’s why you need this first.

Of course, you may not need this in some cases. You can install themes in seconds by just clicking on them. It is however hard to find a Windows 7 theme anywhere these days since their production stopped when they were termed ‘outdated’.

After the download is complete, run the file to install the software.

Step 2: Download the Windows 7 Theme

The theme is inside an archive, so you may need third party software like uniextract or WinRAR to extract it. You can extract the archive anywhere on your computer, provided you have easy access to the destination.

Step 3: Copy to Theme Folder

Once, you have extracted the archive, you can now copy the contents of the folder into the theme folder located at:


Remember to copy only the theme folder into the destination. Your files will otherwise remain hidden.

Step 4: Change Windows Theme

Right click on your desktop and click on personalize:

Go to themes and select the Windows 7 theme.

Now, you have a working Windows 7 theme.

You can change other aspects in the other folders.

If you want the aero windows 7 theme, you can change it under personalization.

The final outlook should be something like:

Method 2: Using Tranformation Pack

This is the best way that anyone can achieve the ultimate windows 7 experience on Windows 10. A transformation pack changes some of the system components, including shell. This is done so that most parts of the Windows GUI can be changed, unlike the Windows 7 themes.

The transformation packs for windows 10 are however, not available in the market. Developers consider them unmarketable and are no longer in development. You can however download one of the earlier versions of Win 7 Transformation packs that work on Windows 10. Here is how you can obtain the Windows 7 look with a Transformation Pack:

Step 1: Find and Download a Working Transformation Pack

Since, there are not so many of these circulating around, it may be difficult for you to get one. You need to get find one that is compatible with your computer. For instance, you can't download a x64 bit software for a x86 bit processor.

So far, a few of the transformation packs have been able to work well on W10. Here is one of the ones you can try out:

Step 2: Install the Software

The transformation pack is easy to install. You need to be careful while installing them however. Some, for instance, give critical warnings during installation and it is crucial you stop the installation instantly.

In the case of the one in the link, you should run it as an administrator by right clicking on it and selecting "run as administrator". That is basically what you need to do.

Just follow the prompts and before you know it, your computer will prompt for a reboot. Your new Windows 7 look will appear after the reboot.

Which one to Choose?

These two have their advantages and disadvantages. You can weigh which one is more advantageous to you after going through their Pros and Cons:

Windows 7 Theme


Easy to install and uninstall: Since the Theme is just a patch, it is really easy to install and remove. You only need to right click on it and it is done.

Stable system: Your computer's performance is unaltered by Windows Themes. Your system will not be experiencing crashes after installation.

You can modify it: You can modify a theme to contain all the pictures and elements you need. It is limited, however, to the color and pictures.


Not much change:

The themes do not change enough elements in the UI. Though you get the genuine Windows 7 backgrounds and aero theme, some elements are not altered.

Transformation Pack


You get the ultimate look: Apart from a great looking Windows 7 desktop, you can change more items, including the logo and start menu.

One click installation: You get all these changes in one click. It is somehow easier to use because of this. it makes it easier for the people who are not conversant with Windows features.


The transformation packs spell disaster to computer systems they are not meant for. Before you even start the installation, you should ensure that all the System Requirements are there.

You will otherwise end up with a blue screen every time you start windows. It is advisable that you stick with the themes until you back up your computer. The back up will be useful in case your system crashes or something like that.

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