Windows 10 Is The Last Version Of Windows, Microsoft Confirms

Aww, I was rather looking forward to Windows 11. A Microsoft official has confirmed what most people believe. That Windows 10 will be the last version of the operating system.

The new OS is set to change the entire Windows model for the Redmond based technology company.

From how it is distributed, to the pricing to how it is updated — and now it seems that the software titan plans to focus on releasing big updates for platform, instead of releasing a new version every couple of years or so.

Anyway, we now have an official validation of sorts.

Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist confirmed this at Ignite 2015 conference, saying that since Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, so Microsoft is always working on Windows 10:

And while his statement is note high on details, it is easy to see how Microsoft is approaching this.

The idea is to launch large updates for the platform, instead of standalone releases every three years, as was previously the case. Besides, there is talk that security updates are to be shipped as soon as they are ready, and it’s easy to get an idea of the future.

At the very least, a strategy like this is a surefire way to increase consumer appeal, as users and businesses will not have to worry about deploying dedicated new versions of Windows.

And all the issues that entail.

What do you folks think? All in for a move like this?

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  1. More likely, this is the last major monolithic release of Windows. There will already be a heck of a lot of cloud integration in 10, but major releases following that will be entirely cloud (and subscription) based. Mark my words.


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